Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

The start of our family owned business came in the 1920s, when Nicholas Haring came here from Europe. He came to town with his family and worked as an apprentice to a jeweler in Mansfield. His love of jewelry and watches came quickly, and soon, he enrolled in the Bradley University of Watchmaking. It was there he learned the art of watch and clock repair and hand engraving. In 1929, he returned to Mansfield and opened his first store front. A one man operation, Nicholas worked very hard to provide the best quality and service to the Mansfield area and surrounding counties. Before he knew it, he had filled his shelves with beautiful jewelry and watches.

Passing the Torch

In 1958, the next generation stepped into the family business. Ken Haring, Nicholas’s son, came to work at the store and launched things to a whole new level. He introduced higher end pieces from vendors all over the world. The selection began to grow and the people of Mansfield really took to it, as business was flourishing!

Continuing Excellence

Jeff Haring stepped into the business in 1980, a third generation owner. As a registered jeweler of the American Gem Society, his knowledge of the business and products helped to propel the store even more into the spotlight. Jeff is the current owner of the store and is proud to be doing business and keeping the store’s reputation as “Harings…simply the finest”.