Simply Forever

Forevermark diamonds are sold with promises that you won’t find from other diamond companies. All Forevermark diamonds are hand selected. They are all selected based on beauty and durability. More importantly, all Forevermark diamonds are sourced from mines with a dedication to the people, communities, and countries where they are located. Finally, all Forevermark diamonds are individually numbered and marked with the Forevermark logo.

Why Forevermark

When Forevermark chooses their diamonds, the word quality is judged based on two things: the beauty of the diamond, and the durability of it. That’s why each is hand-selected. There is no machine in the world that can replicate what the eye of a skilled jeweler can accomplish.

Forevermark at Haring Jewelers

Forevermark selects only a small percentage of all jewelers to receive their diamonds and jewelry. Haring is proud to be one of those selected retailers. Come visit us today to find out more about our Forevermark lines of jewelry.