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Simply Timeless

The Victorian era brought what is regarded as some of the most beautiful jewelry in history. During the reign of Queen Victoria, there were many technological and social advances, but more to the point, jewelry played a very important role for her. This era of jewelry was marked with silver or gold settings with vibrant and colorful stones, such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The style of Victorian-Era jewelry has given it a tremendous draw even to this day.

Other Periods

Another highly sought-after time period for jewelry is the retro era from the mid-1940s. Much of the glamor of the Victorian-style jewelry had toned down by this time. Most settings were silver, with opals, turquoise, and other semi-opaque and opaque stones being used. The jewelry from this era is thought of as being very classy, without the flashiness.

Vintage Jewelry at Haring

At Haring we have jewelry available from many different eras. Our specialization is in Victorian and Retro jewelry, which spans over a century. In addition to having these items available in our store, we also can appraise jewelry that you would like to bring to us. Our collection is constantly changing, and would be very interested in what you have to offer as well.