Custom Jewelry

Simply Personalized

Sometimes, the only way to get the right piece of jewelry that speaks to you is to have it made to your custom specifications. You may want some simple styling cues that add your personal touch. You may want something more intricate, to make sure that everyone knows that it is truly yours.

The Custom Process

When you want a piece of custom jewelry, it’s not enough for you to simply tell us that you want something different. We want to make sure that what we’re making for you is uniquely yours.

Custom Jewelry at Haring

Haring understands that it takes more than just an imaginative eye to help you in designing your own unique piece. We understand how to make the emotional connection between you, our customer, and the jewelry that you want designed. We are proud to offer the services of our own Computer-Aided Design (CAD) specialist who will work with you in our store. Please view the photo gallery of items that we have had the honor of helping our customers create.