Bridal Jewelry

Simply Bridal

Long before Haring Jewelers existed, and even before diamonds and other gems were used for engagements, there has always been a way to signify the binding of two in ceremony. If you go back to pre-historic times, cavemen tied braided grass around their chosen mate’s body. The reason that the left ring finger was chosen was it was believed in ancient Egypt to have a vein in it that connected directly to the heart. The first diamond on an engagement ring was recorded in 1477, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Since the beginning of time traditions have evolved and continue to do so.

Choosing the Right Bridal Set

Haring is proud to not only continue these traditions, but also look to the future, and what those traditions may be. One thing to think about when choosing your bridal set is the setting and diamond or gems that speak to who you are. Each person and each personality is unique, your bridal set should be also.

Bridal Jewelry at Haring Jewelers

The bridal jewelry available at haring ranges from simple to sophisticated. When you stop at Haring Jewelers, you can count on us having exactly what you need. More importantly, our knowledge has been passed down through generations, to make sure that we can fit your rings to your engagement and wedding ceremony.